An American soccer coach takes on the Premier League

chicagofiresoccerThe English Premier League (EPL) is considered to be the best soccer league in the world. It attracts the best players from all around the world and is one of the top paymasters in club football worldwide. There has never been an American coach in the EPL, until now.

The former US Men’s National Team coach, Bob Bradley is taking over as the manager of EPL team Swansea City. An already tough just was just made harder. He is being handed the reins to the team mid-season after the current manager was fired for the team’s poor showing so far. They are currently at 17th place in a 20 team league. He believes he can get them out of the doldrums they are in:

“Maybe I’m stupid,” Bradley said. “But I think that I am a manager in and around that level.” When asked on a radio show earlier this year if he was up to the standards of the EPL managers. “I’m not saying I’m better than these guys,” Bradley added, referring to the likes of Pep Guardiola of Manchester City and Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool FC, considered two of the most highly rated soccer coaches in the world.

He coached at the US collegiate and professional levels and he led the United States to the 2010 World Cup, where his team did better than European powerhouses like England, France, and Italy. His first task is to keep Swansea City out of the bottom three of the league. The bottom three teams get relegated to the lower division each year.

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