Minnesota’s Christian Ramirez to Join US Men’s Soccer Team

Minnesota United’s striker Christian Ramirez will be named to the US Men’s Soccer Team, according to a report from Minnesota-based outlet FiftyFive.One.

A little late in my opinion. We could have used him in World Cup qualifying. Now he’ll have to play a year or two of meaningless national team games. And they are calling him in months after the season is over so he’s unlikely to be in top shape (like all other MLS players who will be in camp too.) The intelligence of USA-American soccer coaches never ceases to amaze me.

“If correct, the call-up will mark the first international opportunity for the Garden Grove, California native, who led all US-eligible players in MLS with 14 goals from open play during the regular season. (CJ Sapong and Jozy Altidore posted higher totals, but netted three goals apiece from penalty kicks.)”

My opinion is that the selection process is politically rigged to pass financially valuable appearances to friends of friends and son’s of friends, associates, etc. There’s almost no value in a non World Cup national team selection, hence he’s suddenly called up. He’s got the wrong agent. Just my opinion and I have no proof of this and could be wrong.