U.S. Soccer has $100 million in extra funds

Just after the last FIFA scandal, Traffic Sports and its partners lost the marketing rights to Copa America (The America’s Cup). The rights went up for auction, and the winning bid was from Soccer United Marketing. SUM is the marketing arm of Major League Soccer (MLS) and a partner of U.S. Soccer.

The U.S. men’s national team gets a share of the money from the tournament. Add that to the sale of marketing rights to Copa America and U.S. Soccer is now swimming in cash. The share from the tournament was $46 million which takes its total surplus to more than $100 million.

U.S. Soccer is now trying to figure out what to do with that money.

The first step was to double the payment to the U.S. Women’s national team. Although the women’s team did not get equal pay as the men’s team, they did get the structure they wanted:

“We’re trying to figure out where women’s soccer is going, so we may not have the same exact structure as the men. So equal isn’t the right word. It would be equitable because we are asking for a different structure.”

The bigger plan currently under discussion is to build a national training center. The training center will look to France’s world-renowned Clairefontaine for inspiration. Also, the plan is to set up some youth academies in areas that do not have Development Academy clubs.

Another suggestion is to increase the number of talent scouts, as there are only nine scouts for the entire of the U.S., which is 27 times the size of Germany.

Tips and tricks on improving at soccer

Soccer ball and goal

Written by Soccer Garage

Here are some tips and tricks on how to improve your soccer game:

Practice – Although this might be obvious, the only way to get better, that is significantly better, is to practice. In sports, there are no shortcuts. Is there a player that is clearly better than you? That is because they practice and work harder. You cannot buy your way to an improvement.

Fitness – Soccer is a physical sport. Build up speed, agility, and your fitness levels and become a high-performance player. A well-trained body can make up for technical deficiencies. Training should involve strength work, plyometric training, sprints, core work, etc. Make sure you have several pairs of soccer footwear for various types of play.

Pressure – Train the way you expect to play. Too many players practice alone. It is easy to manage all the drills alone. Take the next step and practice at game speed under pressure from a defender. Playing at speed is how you iron out mistakes.

Diet and Lifestyle – You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. The basics are to eat healthily and get at least eight hours of sleep. With proper training, your body will need time to recover. Proper recovery is the only way to train every day without crashing.

Gear – Make sure you have everything you need regarding gear. Everything from your soccer socks to your shoes should be packed and ready for the next day or two days of training.  Hitting the training ground at 6 am means everything should be ready.


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