Sports as a substitute cardio workout

Article written by Soccer Garage

Running on the treadmill, or exercising in a cross trainer, or in a stationary bike can be very boring because it’s repetitive. If you want to find an alternative exercise that will keep you running for an extended period of time without having to feel bored. And when it comes to a sport that requires you to keep running, there’s no better sport than soccer. All you need to play soccer is some shoes to keep you from slipping on the pitch. You can find it in any soccer shop or department store. And if you’re playing soccer to work out or as a recreational activity, you wouldn’t even need to put on a soccer uniform as any recreational clothes will do.

It an ideal alternative for a cardio workout because you get to play with other people and interact with them. It brings a level of fun and entertainment into the equation that it absent when working out in a cross trainer or treadmill all by your self. What this means is that you will be able to run farther and play longer without getting exhausted about the though of doing something repetitive and monotonous. If you like playing soccer, then this is definitely the perfect alternative cardio workout for you. You can do it once a week or as often as you like, just make sure that you get enough rest for your knees and joints to recover from all that strenuous activity. Make sure to do some stretching as well.

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